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elite brokers podcast Pathway to Success From medical sales rep to broker: John Manciameli's pathway to success
John Manciameli, CEO at Slipstream, on what happened when he started asking his clients the right questions to help them create
What first attracted you to help your clients with their investment property aspirations? I’ve always had a passion for property and I
What first inspired you to help your clients with their investment property aspirations? I’ve always been passionate about working with my clients
There is a certain allure to buying an old property; a whimsical proposition similar to the charm offered by an
"Broker John Manciameli’s new company, Slipstream, is Australia’s first independent aggregator dedicated to helping brokers diversify into the investment property
Over the past decade, there is no doubt there has been a property boom across the country, particularly in Sydney
It’s fascinating being a mortgage broker. Why? Because you get to see how people make decisions. While helping hundreds of