I am going to make a prediction

I am going to make a prediction

Please see some comments in Australian broker that echos everything you are feeling and saying to your valued clients.

I hope this helps your business.

I am going to make a prediction.

We are going to come out of this Royal commission looking like champions and a thriving industry. Let me explain. Has there ever been a time when we have had so much spotlight on what we do? EVERY mainstream media outlet has mentioned us. Out of nowhere, people are recognising how hard we work, how we promote competition, etc. All of a sudden, in the past 24 hours, there has been a wonderful sense of empathy for our plight and an undercurrent of “frustrated rage” from expert commentators whom get what the end result will be for everyday Australians. As an example, if you haven’t read is Peter Switzers article “Do you realise Mr Hayne, you are giving more power to the banks”? I encourage you to read it. Please click below. Very articulate and share it with your database and social media.

I heard even the treasurer come out and say he was re-reviewing the stance on mortgage brokers. What does this mean? Who knows, but it seems with his other public statements saying he doesn’t want to destroy 20,000 odd businesses and reduce competition, he is listening.

We have lost a battle but the war isn’t over.

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