Garry Ross Diversifies into Investment Property Referral

What first inspired you to help your clients with their investment property aspirations?

I’ve always been passionate about working with my clients to create wealth and choices. I advise clients how they can pay off their mortgages in 15 years instead of 30; this is something I talk about consistently as too many people rely on their superannuation to fund their retirement lifestyles. As a broker, I’m in an incredibly unique and responsible position to offer advice around property investment.


Why did you choose to work with Slipstream?


When I learned that Slipstream was the only company in Australia to offer an independent panel of verified investment property research houses and buyer’s agents, it immediately piqued my interest. I saw the value for my clients straight away.I went along to one of Slipstream’s Introductory Seminars and the offering felt a good natural ‘fit’ with my team. At the

     I went along to one of Slipstream’s Introductory Seminars and the offering felt a good natural ‘fit’ with my team. At the event I also learned about the comprehensive training program they offer.
     Before starting with Slipstream, I didn’t fully understand the investment property process, but under their guidance, it’s given me confidence to launch a new area of my business.


What are the key benefits of working with Slipstream?

Slipstream offers a unique level of mentorship and education for brokers plus regular workshops where you can earn CPD points with a range of independent speakers. I now have access to high-level expertise and guidance. This means I can paint a picture for

     This means I can paint a picture for each individual scenario that’s relevant to today’s property market, which is critical, because it gives my clients access to the financial insights that will

assist them to make informed decisions about buying investment property.

     Slipstream doesn’t leave anything uncovered. Their program teaches you the good, bad and the ugly about investing in property, then arms you with the knowledge so I can pass this onto my clients. launch a new area of my business.

What feedback have you received from clients you’ve worked with?


It’s incredibly rewarding to see my clients create wealth through quality property investments. For example, thanks to Slipstream,

     For example, thanks to Slipstream, a couple that I’ve been working with for six years, now own four properties (a mix of off the plan and existing property), which have created over $700k in capital growth. They’re so happy, they think I ‘walk on water’ but they also said they wish they’d met me 9 years ago!

How much has Slipstream impacted the bottom line of your day-to-day business?


I’m happy to say it’s added an extra 100k per year to my business. As well as the financial reward though, I’ve grown professionally and my mantra is, if you do the right thing by people, the money will take care of itself.


What’s the most important piece of advice you would share with other brokers?


Don’t wait! Diversifying into investment property referral isn’t a get rich quick scheme. If you’re in the broking industry for the long haul and are passionate about helping clients to have more choices, and you’re also prepared to educate yourself along the way, then this is for you.

     Besides, you don’t pay Slipstream anything until your client makes the decision to invest in a property so what do you have to lose?

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