Most frequent questions and answers

A. The good news is there is no cost until you start making money. Think of Slipstream as your commission only business development manager working with you to develop this niche. The onus is on Slipstream to help you make $$ and increase your skill set around investment property. Hence, you come to all of the training, use of the marketing material, etc and it won’t cost you a cent. It’s not until your first sale that Slipstream will earn its first commission. That is, it might take you 1 year before you have your first sale. Only at that point will Slipstream take the $5k application fee and 30% of the commission. Every subsequent sale, Slipstream earns 30% of the commission.

A. Once again the good news is that it will not cost your client anything to use the services of these investment property research houses. The research houses get paid by the builder and because the properties come with an independent bank valuation, you can be assured the client will not pay more than what the bank thinks it’s worth. Hence, it’s a synergistic relationship with your services. That is, you get paid by the lenders for your services and the research houses get paid by the builders for their services. It’s a win/win scenario for you and the client.

A. Not at all. Remember, you are in the “investment property referral” business not in the business of selling real estate. The idea is to empower your clients with knowledge to help them make informed decisions around their investment property aspirations. Lets face it, most clients buy an investment property near where they live. That may not necessarily be the best place to invest. With your help, you can be of tremendous assistance and create a deep value add to the relationship eg you can show them how to structure the asset to maximise cash flow, help them understand “the property clock”, help them understand there are research houses whom have opportunities outside of the area they live and so forth. If you have to “sell” anything it’s the concept of using an investment property research house for their next acquisition. Encourage your clients that these professionals have a track record of capital growth and the good news is that like you, their services are at no cost to the client.

A. It’s entirely up to you. We do ask for you to attend training once a month for 5 hours. (This training comes with MFAA CPD points). It’s an opportunity for you to really upskill yourself in this investment property referral space and listen to industry specialists eg every month you will receive a presentation on what is happening around the country in the various property markets. John, the (co – delete) founder of Slipstream, is a mortgage broker that specialises in the investment property space. As a consequence, he cultivates 30 clients a year to make their investment aspirations come true. At $7k to $10k net to you on average (plus the home loan) there is simply no other diversified offering you can incorporate into your practice that helps your business generate $$ of this magnitude. Imagine if you could help one client a month? What would you do with this money? Remember, at the same time it’s a service offering that your clients welcome with open arms. Australians love the idea of owning a portfolio of properties and you as their trusted mortgage broker can assist with their investment property aspirations. As a consequence, a lot of Slipstreamers not only attend training but also request one on one training to help expedite their marketing and skill set.

A. At Slipstream we are fanatical about protecting the reputation of Slipstream brokers. We do this in a number of ways starting with not allowing any research house to join the panel unless they have a very deep track record of experience. For example, one of the research houses has been operating for 37 years, another research house is used exclusively by Macquarie Bank private client services and so forth. The research houses also have KPIs that they have to meet to remain on the panel. Hence, you can be assured that your reputation is at the very top of our risk mitigation measures.

A. One of 2 ways: i) A client is presented through an “Australian Property Update seminar”. No property is sold on the night, only research is presented allowing the research house to establish their credibility with your client. At the end of the night, clients are offered a feedback form where they are invited to tick the box for a one on one personalised consultation. ii) A client is referred in directly to the firm by you. Slipstream never sees your client.

A. It’s really up to you. Most brokers are not aware of the deep influence they have on their clients property aspirations and the opportunity this presents. Our suggestion to you, is that it’s a matter of getting training from the industry’s best to help you understand how to cultivate your clients property aspirations. For example, when a client rings to refinance are you just leaving it at that? At Slipstream we will give you the training to illustrate how to talk to your clients about using their equity to invest for less than $50pw at the same time of the refinance. Hence, you have taken the consultation from a $3k transaction to one where it will be $10k. All because, you encouraged the client to not just save money but to also build a property portfolio. Likewise, when a first home owner comes in, a lot of them appreciate you showing them the concept of renting where they love and investing in an area with strong growth prospects. For most Slipstreamers, the first year is one where we encourage you to have 2 seminars, either side of June, with 20 clients in the room (if you don’t have that potential, we group you with one or two other members of the tribe to fill the room). With a research house presenting and doing all the work, invariably a number of your clients buy and so it’s quite feasible to have 1 client a month purchase an investment property. No property is sold on the night, just an “Australian Property Update” where your client elects at the end of the night to have a one on one consultation with the research house. That is, there is no property spruiking. The seminars are a great way to empower your clients with knowledge while you build your ability to refer in directly to these research houses with a strong prospect of generating business. This takes time. At Slipstream our mantra is to take your clients on an investment property journey where you empower them with knowledge. You only refer in once all their questions, misunderstandings are answered and a pre-approval is in place. That way, when you do refer in, the clients understand how important it is to talk to the research house and there is a strong chance of business.

A. Referring your clients to an investment property research house is no different to referring them to an accountant or financial planner. At Slipstream, we encourage you to be as transparent as possible. That is, be upfront in saying you receive a referral fee. Be upfront in saying you have only just started referring clients to “xyz” investment property research house. At Slipstream, we put the client front and centre of everything we do. Being open and transparent will mean the client will come back time and time again.

A. John Manciameli was instrumental in setting up the panel of investment property research houses at Mortgage Choice. Through the resources of Mortgage Choice, John and the team of franchisees, lawyers, board members, etc put a framework together to serve the client AND to protect the reputation of both Mortgage Choice and the franchisees. Through this process and many learnings along the way, the concept of having a panel of investment property research houses was developed further. Slipstream now represents the evolution of these years of experience and fine tuning the concept to deliver cutting edge solutions to clients looking for an investment property. Further, John as a mortgage broker cultivates 30 clients a year to act on their dream of building a property portfolio. John has refined his marketing and skill set to become arguably Australia’s premier mortgage broker that specialises the investment property space.
John uses his unique skill set to deliver a training program that is designed to make you $, inspire you to transform your client’s financial lives through the use of investment property whilst ensuring at all times your reputation is protected. Best of all, none of this is at any cost to you or your client