Slipstream is Australia’s first independent aggregator of Investment Property Research Houses and Buyers’ Agents.


Slipstream assists finance professionals to diversify and upskill within the investment property industry so ethical referrals can be made to property groups that have undergone Slipstream’s due diligence.

This approach results in…

  • Maximising the potential for capital gain and yield, while mitigating the risks of investing.
  • Peace of mind for your clients.
  • Multiple revenue streams.
  • An expanded network of referrers.
  • Improved systems and processes.
  • Increased client loyalty.
  • Repeat and referral business.
  • Brand protection.
  • Professional satisfaction that your clients are building a diversified property portfolio.



Watch and hear it from the brokers who have experienced the Slipstream effect.


Our Services

Investment Mentoring

There is no other coaching service to mortgage brokers that specialises in the investment property sector. There are plenty of guru’s out there teaching brokers to increase their mortgage business but none offer a service to increase revenue through the concept of referring to investment property research houses. It's a niche area that is vastly untapped and potentially highly profitable. To find out more on how you can become one of our success stories with students making over $300 K per annum simply click below.

Practice Marketing

Is your practice just not growing at the level you want it to? Are you confused with Online marketing and lead generation? At slipstream we understand the ins and outs of Online and Offline Marketing. Our Specialist team is dedicated to help you build your practice by creating automated lead generation funnels that help promote your uniqueness and target high quality leads. Available are fully customized options that cater for client and diary management, social media profiling and much more.

Slipstream is Australia’s first aggregator of “investment property research houses”. Forming alliances with reputable investment property research houses means you can now assist with your clients investment property aspirations whilst adding significant income to your bottom line. Most of your clients have aspirations to grow an investment property portfolio and they are waiting for someone they can trust to lead the way and to expedite the process. Someone like their mortgage broker whom has earnt their trust and knows their borrowing capacity.

The mortgage brokering industry has evolved. Have you?

Otherwise you run the risk of losing the client to a broker who will provide a more complete holistic approach to your clients property plans. The good news is you can assist your clients’ investment aspirations by referring to research houses whom have an enviable track record of delivering outstanding returns. These research houses empower your clients with knowledge to make informed decisions eg which market to invest in, bank valuations, 30 to 60 page reports, testimonials, reports showing the weekly holding costs to be roughly $50pw, the risks and alot more.

The good news is the services of the investment property research houses are at no cost to your client. Exactly like your services are at no cost to the client, its a very synergistic relationship that compliments your mortgage brokering business. You get paid by the lender when you sell a home loan and the research houses gets paid by the builder when they sell a property. Re-assuringly, the due diligence around the property involves a bank valuation so your client will always know they are never paying above bank valuation. Its a win/win service!

At Slipstream, we are deeply committed to protecting your reputation. For an investment property research house to get on the Slipstream panel is no easy task. In fact, only 4 research houses are currently on the panel as 99% of investment properties companies do not pass the 32 point check list that centres on experience, results to date, reputation, quality of staff and integrity. We invite you to find out more.

Slipstream is a fully integrated, income generating and business building system that helps mortgage brokers in the $1- 4 million pm dollar category diversify their practice by adding revenue through Investment property referrals.

This is a unique mentoring system developed by one of Australia’s leading mortgage brokers whom was instrumental in setting up an investment property panel at Mortgage Choice. You the mortgage professional will be empowered with a step by step process to help identify, educate and help your clients with their investment property aspirations. In doing so, you will add many tens of thousands of dollars to your bottom line, creating the perfect win/win outcome for you and your client.

Think of Slipstream like being a Formula 1 machine that uses the power of aerodynamics to decrease drag and effort, increase efficiency and most importantly create massive acceleration, catapulting the driver to victory again and again with minimum effort.